Inside Australian Homes – HAAUS. 4 with Rebecca from HAAUS. Design

Inside Australian Homes – HAAUS. 4 with Rebecca from HAAUS. Design

Coastal-inspired homes are at the heart of Australian interior design. Alliera & Rebecca from HAAUS. Design perfectly embody the effortlessly cool, calming, and relaxed style that is central to the Australian lifestyle. We chatted to Rebecca about their recent HAAUS. 4 project and to get her best tips for how to recreate their iconic style in your own home. 

When did HAAUS. Design begin?

Alliera and I crossed paths when our eldest daughters both joined the same kindergarten class. Amidst countless school run conversations, we uncovered a mutual love for all things beautiful, and from that shared passion, HAAUS. was born. What began as a modest idea has blossomed into a remarkable journey marked by the creation, renovation, design, and transformation of countless homes and properties. 

We both recognised that the prospect of building or renovating could be incredibly overwhelming, especially for those just starting out. Our mission with HAAUS. was to empower others by sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether a homeowner, a rookie renovator, a DIY enthusiast, or someone in between, we wanted to make the process accessible so that anyone can turn their living spaces into beautiful, functional, and personalised havens. 

What style is HAAUS. 4 and where did you take inspiration from?

We would suggest HAAUS. 4 is an amalgamation of styles - the style goal for the home was to craft a haven of calm and harmony. 

We envisioned a space that embraced light, brightness, and airiness—free from clutter yet avoiding a clinical or overly precious feel. To realise this vision, we meticulously curated elements that would infuse the space with tranquillity and connectivity.

The selection of light materials played a pivotal role in establishing a serene atmosphere throughout the house. Soft hues brought a sense of calm to each room, while high ceilings contributed to an overall feeling of openness, making the entire space welcoming and expansive.

Designing with a family of four kids and a Labradoodle in mind required a balance of practicality and style. In the end, the home has transformed into a sanctuary of tranquillity within the vibrant energy of our lively family. Through thoughtful design choices, we've achieved a balance of beauty and functionality, ensuring that the home not only looks stunning but also fulfils the practical needs of an active lifestyle. 

What are your tips when choosing an overall style and color palette?

Our chosen color scheme is what we affectionately term "Organic Luxe.” It exudes a soft and inviting ambiance, deliberately avoiding anything artificial, such as high-gloss surfaces and vibrant, jarring colors. Our preference is to integrate natural greenery and layer textures on textures to cultivate interest, eschewing bold hues whenever possible. The outcome is a gentle, comforting palette that exudes luxuriousness without becoming overly precious or clinical. 

What are your most-do’s and do-not’s when designing a functional bathroom?

The question on how to create a functioning yet beautiful bathroom comes up so frequently that we've put together a dedicated PDF download available on our website to address just that! Ensuring consistency in heights is crucial in designing a functional bathroom. Determining the ideal placement of fixtures, such as the distance above the vanity for a mixer, or the precise location for a toilet roll holder, requires careful consideration. These are the measurements that should be established early in the planning process to create a well-functioning bathroom. Reflecting on our own beginnings, we wish there had been a guide available to streamline this process, so we've created a resource to make it easier for those starting out and even professionals seeking perfect tried and tested measurements.

Some quick tips we always recommend are:

  • Maintain a Clutter-Free Environment: Cultivate a serene atmosphere by steering clear of clutter. A beautifully styled bathroom loses its appeal if countertops are overwhelmed with mess! Invest in intelligent storage solutions like deep pull-out drawers, concealed in-wall cabinetry and well-planned shower shelves or niches during the design phase. This strategic approach enhances functionality while maintaining a clean and organised aesthetic.
  • Balance Beauty and Functionality: Achieve a balance between beauty and functionality in design choices. For example, you can conceal power points discreetly within bathroom drawers by creating a designated compartment with built-in outlets. This allows you to keep electrical devices accessible yet hidden, maintaining a clean and uncluttered bathroom aesthetic, ensuring that the space not only looks stunning but also meets the practical needs of users.
  • Opt for Practical and Stylish Solutions: Prioritise practicality without compromising style. Achieve a seamless and modern look by integrating bathroom cabinetry into the wall, ensuring a flush fit. This design tip not only maximises space but also creates a sleek, built-in appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Incorporate Consistent Timber Tones: Ensure continuity by incorporating consistent timber tones. We love extending similarly toned timber featured in the primary living areas into spaces like bathrooms, often with a vanity. Wood works wonders in adding softness to otherwise hard spaces, such as bathrooms.
  • Create Openness with High Ceilings: High ceilings contribute to a feeling of openness and spaciousness. Consider this architectural feature to enhance the overall atmosphere of the space.

What are your top styling tips?

  • Embrace a Soft Palette: Opt for gentle, welcoming hues to craft an organic color palette, preserving a tranquil ambiance.
  •  Layer Textures for Interest: Instead of relying on bold colors, focus on layering textures to create interest. This adds depth to the design and contributes to the overall aesthetic.
  • Integrate Greenery: Bring nature indoors by incorporating greenery. Plants not only add a touch of nature but also contribute to a sense of tranquillity.
  • Choose Soft, Inviting Fabrics: When selecting fabrics, opt for soft and inviting textures. Think soft, fluffy towels in the bathroom contrasted against a beautiful tile.

What is your favourite room in HAAUS. 4 and why?

Undoubtedly, the ensuite holds a special place in our hearts as our ultimate favourite space within the home. The ADP Waverley vanity takes centre stage, capturing attention with its graceful curves. We love using curves in bathrooms as they soften the space do wonders for small spaces! The Flume sinks with their delicate contours and intricate details sitting on the solid stone bench top stands as a testament to both beauty and craftsmanship.

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